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I served in the military for 27 years before retiring as a Lt Col in 2009. During those 27 years my assignments took place in 23 countries on six continents. As an enlisted Army soldier, I served a year in Saigon, Vietnam, and 3 years at Arlington Hall Station, Virginia. This work was classified and required a Top Secret/Cryptographic clearance. As an Air Force Chaplain I served in many countries through my assignments and deployments, including England, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Greece, among many others. 

I retired as a United Methodist Minister with 35 years service (23 years concurrent with USAF chaplain service). During those years I also taught (in a part time capacity) Philosophy and Counseling courses, as an Adjunct Professor at Limestone College (extension program) and Central Texas College (extension program), and authored numerous articles, essays, speeches, and papers over those years. One of my USAF assignments was as a speech writer for two USAF Generals and editor of a substantial, bi-monthly newsletter with circulation to every USAF base in the world. 

While I have been a professional writer throughout my career, since entering that work full time, I have published one novel and am working on a sequel. If you would like to read The Hiroshima Agenda, it is now available for purchase in paperback for $9.95, and in Electronic Book format for $3.99 at Amazon.com. Just type in the title or my name into Amazon’s search engine and the appropriate screen will come up enabling you to make the purchase.

 I currently live in Myrtle Beach South Carolina with my wife, Phyllis.  We have two adult children, Lori married to Christian, living in Atlanta, GA, and Rob married to Tricia, living in Murrells Inlet, SC. Phyllis and I have lived in 25 different places over our 49 years of marriage (since we were 19) including other cities, states, and countries.

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Explorations into the Nature of Reality

        What is the nature or the fabric of reality? When we perceive the world that exists outside of our minds, are we accurately grasping the true reality of what is out there? An incredible amount of data is received from that outer world! It enters our inner selves through our five senses. It’s transformed into electrochemical signals and moves at a couple of hundred miles per hour up and down the corridors of our nervous system, and arrives in due time at the appropriate areas of our brains to be analyzed and interpreted.

              How do we know that our brains are getting it right? Are they also correctly interpreting external reality when a master illusionist causes us to think he has made an elephant disappear, or when we see a boat oar split into two sections as we dip it into the water, or when we see someone sling a sledge hammer in the distance but don’t hear the sound until seconds later?

               We depend on these quite limited and often faulty transducers we call senses to give us the straight and dirty of things, but who is getting it right: the person who has 20/20 vision or the color blind person or the person who is able to perceive distinct colors with each sound he hears? 

               It is a fact that our perception and interpretation of reality is often wrong. We say we have five senses and that we can depend on them to give us a clear picture of the outer world. But what if the outer world actually has six perceptible categories of things to perceive–or 10–or 100? How can we possibly know?

             I want to understand reality at the greatest depth possible. I believe comprehending it at a significant depth requires more than our physical perception of the outer world. It requires the inner workings of that mysterious and powerful entity we refer to as the human mind. 

            This website holds a collection of my explorations into the fabric of reality through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. I don’t suppose I will ever have the complete and perfect answers to these questions, but I will have more complete answers than people who are simply taking everything for granted and depending on their five physical senses as though those senses were perfect and absolute. 

            If you are like me, and curious about this place in time and space we share, please join me, and we will search it out together. When people combine the powers of their minds, anything is possible. It seems to me that was one of the greatest discoveries of Socrates through his dialectical method.

Let’s Build A Wall Around Earth and Make E.T. Pay for It

Are you aware that since 1992, over 2,000 exoplanets (planets outside of our solar system) have been discovered (2,108 planets in 1,350 planetary systems including 511 planetary systems as of April 20, 2016)? The closest is around ten light years from Earth. That number is expected to increase dramatically as we continue our search.

In 2013, a major study based on results from the Kepler spacecraft estimated that our galaxy (The Milky Way) has at least 100 million and up to 400 million planets. They believe that as many as 67 million of these planets are probably the same size as Earth. That’s just our galaxy. There are billions of other galaxies in the observable universe. And, according to quantum physicists, there may be an infinite number of universes.

It is not silly, a waste of time, too imaginative, crazy, or other descriptions diminishing this real issue, to prepare for the eventuality that we will be visited by civilizations far in advance of ourselves at some point as we advance. If you believe that God created all that is, then give credit to God for more creativity and imagination than our 3 pound brains can muster. If God created a universe this big, God must have placed an incredible multitude of intelligent life forms throughout the creation. If you don’t believe God created all this, then believe that the same evolution that led to our development has more than likely been doing the same thing all over the universe for the last 12 billion years or so.

People who are believers in the Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam (around 4 Billion of the current 7 Billion humans alive today) know of at least two intelligent species created by God according to those Scriptures: humans and angels. And of the angels, the Bible describes several different species, races, or at least types, and there are probably many others due to the multiple ways angels are employed by God.

Cherubim are angels who are described with more than one face {2 faces in Ezek 41:18, 4 faces in Ezek 10:21}, and also have wings, feet, and hands. They are depicted guarding sacred things such as the tree of life {Gen 3:24}, and the Ark of the Covenant {I Samuel 4:4}.

Seraphim means “fiery ones.” They have six wings (3 sets of two) according to Isaiah 6:2). They praise and attend to God (Isaiah 6:3)

Archangels seem to be at the top of the pecking order. The two who are named in the Old and New Testament are Gabriel (among other things a Messenger angel, as in Dan 8:15-26 & 9:21-27, Luke 1:11-20 & 26-38) and Michael (among other things a Warrior angel as in (Rev 12:7 Dan 10:13, 21, & 12:1). Lucifer (if that is actually a name rather than just a description of an Archangel, meaning light bearer) is a “fallen” Archangel who may be identical with (or became) Satan or “the devil” (see Isaiah 14:12-14). There are other Archangels named in extra biblical literature, and thousands of other angels are known by name in other ancient documents and religions.

A very special role held by a certain archangel (or perhaps more than one) is “The Angel of the Lord.” When the Bible refers to this creature, he/she/it seems to bring the voice/presence/Word of God in as direct a sense as possible without it actually being Almighty God. To me, the best metaphor would be that this angel is something like a holographic projection of God. The Bible indicates in certain places that no mere human being can survive actually being face to face with God. The holiness is too powerful for us to bear. Perhaps that is why the intermediary of “The Angel of the Lord” is employed by God in those cases.

Romans 8:38, Ephesians 1:21, Colossians 1:16, and I Peter 3:22 suggest that there is a hierarchy of angels, including some who hold titles such as principalities, authorities, and powers. They are all, very powerful creatures that could easily convince any mortal being they were gods themselves if they chose to do so. They hold great respect (and wise fear) for the power of the angels above them on the hierarchy as is reflected in Jude 9, “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, ‘The Lord rebuke you!'”

It may be, that the angels described in these ancient Scriptures are, in fact, extraterrestrials that work in closer contact with, and clearer sensory awareness of God and the other invisible beings, structures and places depicted in these texts, and that neither they nor God bothered to explain that relationship to the pre-literate and barely historical people about which the Bible writes. If that were so, then we already have some idea of what sorts of creatures may eventually make “first contact” with us from somewhere out there.

Oh, and I was just kidding about building a wall around the planet. God must have already done that or we would have long ago been taken over by an E.T. named Satan. Wait, Satan didn’t already take over the world, right? It may seem like it, but read John 12:27-32. Read verse 31 over and over until you hear it, and  then, after that, read verse 32 till you hear that as well, especially the last phrase.

Our Older Siblings in the Universe

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Given the size of the Universe, it seems self-evident that billions of planets must be populated by advanced civilizations. It also seems likely that many of these are at a level that permits them to reach out to help the civilizations of other worlds to develop to their highest potential. Since I personally believe that God is supreme throughout the Creation God has made, I expect these super advanced societies to be more spiritually in tune with the Creator than we are at our still violent and warring stage of development. I anticipate that they have been and will be utilized in God’s will to develop human beings to a superior level of existence. Some readers will not be convinced of any spiritual foundations of the Universe yet, they may at least admit that a Galactic Civilization that matures to a benevolent standard of outreach, regarding less advanced civilizations, would seem to be most likely to survive and continue to its highest potential. A Universe managed by helpful older-sibling type civilizations seems like a more logical success story than a Universe teeming with violent, abusive, plundering marauders.

I see no reason to doubt that there are beings in the Universe who have matured spiritually to the point that they are in more direct communication with God. The sacred scriptures of most religions include many references to such spiritually advanced beings. They are creatures that make comic book super heroes’ fictional powers seem puny.

Take the angels for instance. They are described in the Scriptures of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam. Certain of the individual angels are found by name in three of these. One named Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed, revealed prophecies to Daniel in the Scriptures of Judaism, and announced and celebrated the news of the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of Christianity. It does not take a great leap of imagination to wonder if the angel Gabriel is a being from another star system or dimension of reality that is serving under the authority of God.

The late Carl Sagan gave an illustration in The Cosmic Connection that had a great impact on me. It goes something like this. If some primitive tribesman in one of the jungles of Earth were to be inclined to imagine a society more advanced than his own with a more advanced form of communication, he might guess that they had much bigger and louder drums to beat out their messages. No matter how long he pondered, he would not ever conceive of radios, TVs or telephones. Yet, that same tribesman’s body is probably surrounded with radio waves from civilizations hundreds or thousands of miles away. Dr. Sagan uses this to point out that our extraterrestrial neighbors who live in other star systems any where from 4.5 light years away (Alpha Centauri System) to those thousands or millions of light years from us, may be sending us lots of communications that we cannot receive on our drums (radio telescopes), and we cannot begin to conceive the science that creates their means of communications. They are most likely smart enough to know we use a more primitive signal, but are not interested in involving themselves with planetary civilizations that have little to contribute in terms of exchange of helpful technology. Therefore, their search may be oriented only toward peers of equal stature.

The same can be said for those people who do not believe we will ever be able to travel to other star systems, because of the limitations we know—for instance the limitation that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. At light speed, the closest star system to us would take at least 4.5 years (as time is measured in the starship at that speed) there and the same time to get back to Earth. And it is impossible or very unlikely, they say, that we will discover a way to travel that fast. And, they say, anyone who would travel that fast for 9 years, would return to an Earth where far more time as passed (due to Einstein’s time dilation formula that has already been proved under strict, modern experimental conditions), where everyone they ever knew or knew them would be long gone. They would return to Earth in a time so advanced beyond them that no knowledge they brought back would be of much use, and they themselves would be useless, anachronistic artifacts from the past.

The problem with such thinking (as with the thinking of Sagan’s primitive tribesmen) is that it precludes the obvious likelihood that we will solve all limitations as we advance in knowledge and ability. There are already scientists that are theorizing about how to bend or warp time and space, how to create worm hole shortcuts through the galaxy, and how we might discover ways to teleport our selves and even our ships safely through space including through shortcuts we may discover over the centuries and millennia ahead of us. For all we know in our childhood civilization, beings who are thousands of years ahead of us are able to travel at the speed of thought, any distance they choose to travel, utilizing the strange laws of Quantum Physics, that we are barely beginning to understand after a hundred years of trying.

I cannot imagine how one would travel who is thousands, millions or billions of years ahead of Twenty-First Century humanity. But I can imagine creatures who have learned how to transcend time and space. I can conceive of beings that merely will to change their physical location from this planet in that galaxy to that planet in this galaxy, because they have learned to manipulate quantum phenomena to that degree. Multiply the advances in the last fifty years on Earth by thousands, millions, and billions of years, and you will probably agree with this writer.

It just so happens that this is the type of travel we read about in the Bible and other sacred scriptures of other religions, by not only angels, but by humans who are given an assist by these beings. And no matter what the reader thinks of religion and religious scriptures, they are our oldest written records of the thoughts and experiences of ancient humanity. For that reason, and given some of the stories that can easily be understood as provided by advanced technology and beings rather than magic, they are worth investigating in a search for evidence of extraterrestrial help provided to early mankind.

In ancient Scriptures, angels almost always appear out of thin air or they travel by flight. Gabriel was seen flying as he approached Daniel, and Revelation speaks of angels flying and appearing out of nowhere. Angels appear in the Gospel stories of Jesus birth and throughout the New Testament. Both Testaments of the Bible describe angels as creatures of immense power. One of these beings is able to conquer an entire army of Israel’s enemies. An angel shut the mouths of lions in the lions den story about Daniel. An angel protected Daniel’s friends from a roaring fire that was so hot it killed several of the king’s men standing outside of the pit. Throughout the Bible, angels are depicted in this way. If we observed this behavior from beings on Earth in modern times, we would not think they were spiritual creatures. We would believe they were highly advanced extraterrestrials. We assume the ancient writers were making these stories up in every culture, all around the planet. What if they were simply reporting what they observed?

These beings have appeared in the ancient literature of Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, India, and on all the continents of Earth. They are always imbued with greater power, greater knowledge, and a closer relationship with God than human beings have. There are parallels in the stories that convince some of us of their common origin, or that they are based on similar types of technology and the beings that employ it.

In addition to agreeing upon their physical descriptions, various traditions of human cultures agree on another facet of the angelic beings. In almost all cases, they are helpful to human beings, especially those humans who are pursuing a positive path for humanity and attempting a deeper relationship with God. Psalm 91, in the Old Testament is typical of ancient literature when its writer says, “He has charged his angels to guard you (the righteous) wherever you go, to lift you on their hands for fear you should strike your foot against a stone.” This verse, that is around three thousand years old, points out what experience carried in legend and myth has taught. The angels are sympathetic to the cause of morally upright people who aspire to live close to the God of the Universe.

Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities that were filled with people who had no love for anyone and who acted with malice, violence and horrific actions toward anyone who sought to enter their city uninvited, was destroyed by power from above while angels rescued the only righteous people there, who happened to be outsiders. While Lot and his family owned houses there, it was probably because Lot was wealthy and provided some benefit of added resources to the city. Once he was foolish enough to help and protect the two men who came into town with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, the men of the town, ALL of them, ganged up on him and were going to abuse him and his guests.

It is only logical that if the ETs are advanced spiritually, and if they are working directly for God (so to speak), they are interested in promoting and preserving human societies that are most spiritual and moral in their affairs. Even in our extremely liberal society of today, people value the concept of morality. All of us, with the exception of a sociopathic minority, cringe when we experience persons who glorify violence, greed, lying, stealing, cheating, promiscuous sexuality, and other examples of vile and harmful lifestyles. Even so, most of us are sympathetic with and forgiving to those who fall victim to temptations when we know they are aiming for a more moral lifestyle. We understand that every human being has a certain amount of susceptibility to yield to temptations to engage in immoral activities. We respect people who are trying to live above their temptations, and who are seeking help and a genuine relationship with God as they attempt to overcome their “lower nature.”

Our heroes, even those with suspicious physical longings, are those who, in general, live by a superior code of ethics and conduct. Good guys may shoot bad guys, but never in the back. Good guys don’t immerse themselves in the dark side, even though they may have human failings that occasionally get the better of them. Did we come to value these ethical ways by some accident of evolution, or were we molded in this fashion by all the super beings (angels) described as God’s servants in our ancient literature.

It doesn’t seem likely that order can come from chaos without a Plan and Someone with the power to accomplish the Plan. Likewise, it seems logical that the natural laws that simply evolved in a Godless universe would give supremacy to the beings who were the meanest, strongest, most self-serving, and least caring of others, rather than to those who exhibited an affection for their fellow beings and a tendency toward moral living. Therefore, this writer finds it an inescapable conclusion that God has given us guides from a morally and spiritually superior civilization in God’s Universal Kingdom, and these guides have been responsible for leading us toward true progress and closeness to God.

If you are interested in reading more on this topic, tune into this blog at least once a week, and be on the lookout this summer for the digital publication of my upcoming book, Appointment with Karellen: Issues in Exotheology. You should find it on Amazon.com by July 2016.

Do You Believe in Free Will or Destiny?

What if the modern view of the universe, as described by many leading physicists, is accurate? They are reporting that modern data describe it as a “multiverse” of perhaps infinite numbers of parallel universes. Scientific results seem to show that you and I exist in a very large number of these universes. If that is TRUE, and each of our individual souls are spread across all of these copies of us in all of these universes, then when God brings the Creation to a close, our individual souls will have learned everything there is to learn. Each of us will have made every mistake, decision, turn, choice, success, and failure that can be made. We will have experienced every blessing and tragedy that can be received in life. When our souls enter God’s eternal realm possessing the learning, growth, maturity, and character of all those parallel lives, in all those copies of the universe, we will truly be ready for Heaven. We will understand everything there is to know about every other human being’s earthly life, because we will have lived all the possible circumstances of physical, earthly life through all the possible permutations of ourselves, in one copy of the universe or the other.

You may say “that’s not in the Bible,” and I will have to respond, “neither is microbiology, physics, astronomy, an explanation of the real causes of disease, why we shouldn’t eat certain foods (then later, under Jesus, why we now can), how Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, and at least some of his 12 chosen apostles could perform miracles but most other Jews and Christians cannot, how and why miracles work, that the stars in the sky are not lights but rather planets, stars, quasars, and other physical bodies, the periodic table or even of what elements the universe is composed and how they are put together, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, leptons, quarks, prions, photons, and on and on and on.”

The fact is, nothing in the Bible explains the laws of physics, but if we believe God made the universe, then we believe God also placed the laws of physics in it so that gravity, electromagnetism, and the forces that govern subatomic particles work the way they do. Nothing in the Bible tells us whether there is a single copy of the universe or whether it is made of a few copies or trillions times trillions times trillions of copies. What more merciful, graceful, and loving process could God have built into the Creation in order to make all of God’s children love and understand each other in Heaven, than to create reality in such a way that we all learn everything there is to learn, both the ecstasies and the agonies of the physical life? This does not in any way remove the atonement of Jesus Christ from God’s formula. It is a dynamic for explaining how God may perfect us prior to taking up residence in our Heavenly homes. “Is anything too difficult for God?” (Genesis 18:14, these are the exact recorded words of God to 99 year old Abraham and 89 year old Sarah in response to Sarah asking “How can I have a baby at this age?”) Keep repeating God’s question to yourself when you find yourself asking Mary or Sarah’s question (of “how can this be?): God asks, “Is anything too difficult for me?” You know the answer if you believe that God is omnipotent.

Ancient people, including the ancient people who wrote the Bible, seemed to sense these other dimensions of reality. Enoch traveled from Earth into Heaven without dying. The story of Elijah’s last day on Earth did not sound like death, but a similar trip to the one Enoch took. There was never a funeral for Moses, and I know that some traditions teach that Moses also was “translated” from Earth to Heaven. If you believe Jesus’ Resurrection body is physical (he ate fish on the shore of the Sea of Galilee after his Resurrection), then he also made the trip from Earth to Heaven in the sight of his followers. Moses and Isaiah traveled from ‘somewhere else’ to the Mount of Transfiguration and had a conversation with Jesus. Whatever else you may think or believe about these stories, they certainly sound like examples of inter dimensional trips.

Moses seemed to understand the order of the evolution of the universe (from earth’s point of view), which he describes, not in scientific language, but quite in agreement with the order described by science. The Sumerians knew this information a thousand years before Moses recorded it in Genesis. Where did they obtain that knowledge that modern science has proved and accepted as correct in just the last fifty years? Our most ancient biblical characters describe beings with either supernatural or advanced scientific abilities such as angels, “fallen” angels, strangersvisitors, things/machines that do things not scientifically possible in that time such as described in Exodus, Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, and many of the other books of the Bible.  Were these supernatural things, or is this simply part of the way God designed heaven and earth?

We believe that God is All Powerful, All Knowing and All Present. We know that God knows everything that we don’t know. We know God created everything that exists. How can we say we believe these things and then place limits on anything God may have done in designing the creation? You may say, “But God did not describe parallel universes in the Bible.” I say, “Yes, and God also did not describe airplanes, rockets, microwave ovens, and all the other things that the people of history up until 200 years ago would have called magic or witchcraft; things like smart phones, TV, MRI machines, and the VERY new ability to actually break down the most basic building blocks of matter (as we understand it so far) in the massive Particle Accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. Just in the last year, researchers at CERN discovered the elusive Higgs boson, a particle that some physicists labeled “the God particle” because it is believed to be a fundamental building block of the universe.

The existence of the Higgs boson was predicted 50 years ago and it took humanity that many years and hundreds of billions of dollars to design and build the machine finally capable of finding it. The discovery of the Higgs Boson is considered one of the top scientific achievements of the last 50 years. Peter Higgs and Francois Englert won the Nobel Prize (for predicting it) after their prediction was proved this year. The average person probably thinks the most important achievement in the last half-century is the smart phone or the tablet computer.

Fifty years ago, the year was 1966. I was in the eleventh grade. Well to do people in our small town had color TV sets to watch the three channels that were available (from ABC, CBS, and NBC). Our TV, as was the case with most people, was black and white TV. We were fortunate enough to have a small antenna on our roof. Many people had to depend on “rabbit ears antenna). Nobody had a personal computer. They did not exist. Nobody had ever heard of the Internet. It did not exist.

Three years later (1969), when I spent a year in Vietnam, the only way I could have called my wife was through a combination of phones and Ham radio operators (a system called MARS). A lot was thought to be totally impossible, mere fantasies of minds like mine. But now, today, go to Best Buy or any other big electronics retailer and you will see thousands of items that were pure science fiction 50 years (and less) ago. Many of the things available at retail today were not available 5 years ago. And just to go back and beat that dead horse some more, none of these things or the technology and scientific knowledge that enable us to build them was described in the Bible. God did not put stuff in the Bible that would have made absolutely no sense to people from 1900 all the way back to Adam and Eve.

I just want to cover one final idea for those who are still reading. We did not know about the quantum universe 100 years ago when people like Niels Bohr began theorizing about it. We had no machines that provided laboratory proof of his major quantum theories until 1932 with the first useful particle accelerator invented by Ernest O. Lawrence. In 1967, when I graduated from high school, we were still being taught that the atom is composed of the smallest particles in the world, which the books at that time said were protons, neutrons, and electrons. Today we know that protons and neutrons are composed of many smaller particles, the Higgs boson being the most recent. We also know that there is a quantum universe where these particles operate. The laws we live in at our scale of life are totally different from the laws of the quantum universe, yet we are composed of those particles as well since they are the substratum of the larger universe in which we live. So our bodies, and everything else in the macro world are operating by both sets of laws at each level of reality. These new understandings are how scientists began to conceptualize that there may be a parallel universe for every conceivable choice, including the choice of a coin toss resulting in heads or tails–every coin toss. It boggles the mind, but that is no proof against it.

Quantum Mechanics (or Quantum Physics) is the most successful theory ever thought up by the mind of human beings. The year I graduated high school (1967) was the first year that any households had a counter top Microwave Oven. The technology was first invented in 1946, based on what some soldiers had learned about RADAR (the fact that it literally cooked the unfortunate people who were too close to their emissions). Microwave ovens are mundane proof of the theory of Quantum Physics. Other technologies we depend on in our society, from radio to smart phones are other examples the theory is true. When each of those things was suggested as a new product, people were amazed. “How can this be?” they would ask. “This cannot be,” they would say. Some of our oldest, least educated people still question that the moon landing was anything more than a hoax. They feel that human beings’ landing on the moon somehow is against the Bible’s explanation of things. I have studied the Bible in English and it’s original languages for 40 years, and I cannot for the life of me understand their argument against landing on the moon. However, I believe it is from the same ignorance and fear of the unknown as the current lack of acceptance of a parallel universes explanation of the structure of the universe (multiverse).

People that believe that if these things are not in the Bible, they cannot be true will never have their minds changed. But I will say one last time here that God did not talk in 21st century language to the people of 4,000 BC, and not to the people of A.D. 40 through the conclusion of the formation of the New Testament. Jesus said, “I have so much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now,” and told them to count on the Holy Spirit for updates. The Holy Spirit leads believers in every age to change things that no longer apply or that have been updated due to our continuous growth as we continue to, “take dominion over the world” God has given us.

The same God who created the universe that our spiritual forefathers and mothers understood in their less sophisticated way, also created our brains with all their amazing capabilities. God gave us these intellectual capacities to use them productively, not to hide them, bog them down with fundamentalism as though we still lived in a world that relied on horse or camel or buggy to get from here to there, or to ignore them. We are to attribute every amazing physical law and understanding we discover to God’s Creation, and use every new understanding to explore that Creation more fully. If that grows into an age of interstellar travel, teleportation, time travel, and even inter-dimensional travel, so be it. It must be God’s will, or God would not have created the universe in this way.

If you find my words, thoughts and speculations stimulating or entertaining, please click www.amazon.com/dp/B00XXCVODO and read my book, The Hiroshima Agenda. I discuss subjects like these interwoven in the fictional plot of my novel.

Do You Know Anyone Who Is Not Dying?

Are you going to live forever?

Being born into the physical world is a death sentence! So, anyway, a moment comes when you DIE!!! Whether you suffer horribly on the way to that moment, or you die peacefully, painlessly in your sleep . . . here’s the weird part: either your soul will go on living SOMEWHERE, or you will totally CEASE BEING an entity of any kind. Why do any of us get so distressed about not being in the world? For the vast majority of Earth’s existence, you were not here. So you already have an idea, what that’s like. Right? I think the problem is that most of us are a little nervous about the possibility of returning to the state of not being again.

Isn’t that ABSOLUTELY PROFOUND? All that you have become, up to the moment of your physical death, is either living on, or totally GONE!!! That curious, wondering mind you have will either be in for an amazing experience, or it will never know which way it turns out after you die. All those things you struggled so hard and so long to learn–what difference will they make? Those diplomas and certificates? They will probably end up hanging in a Cracker Barrel Restaurant someday as decorations. All that love you gave and received, and all those really vital, personal opinions you had–where does all of that go? All those possessions that were either in your way, stored for safe keeping, lost and you never could find them when you needed them, or so very important to you that they rarely left your sight–who do they belong to now? Or did somebody just throw them away or give them to the Goodwill after your funeral?
What do you think will happen the second after YOU die? Will you still BE??? WHERE will you be? In case it has been a while since you’ve been to CHURCH, next Sunday, March 27th, 2016, is EASTER SUNDAY (sorry if you’re reading this after that date, but the good news is that Easter comes once a year and Sunday comes every 7 days). Don’t worry about what PEOPLE may say when they see you showing up after SO LONG AWAY. The truth is, a lot of THEM will be worrying that’s what YOU’RE saying about THEM, because THEY don’t know YOU haven’t been in a long time EITHER.
ONE person at your place of worship is guaranteed to be happy to see you for all the RIGHT reasons: JESUS will not send you any mixed signals. You won’t SEE Him, but if you’re going for HIM, you will FEEL His PRESENCE. Check it out.
Oh, and if you are one of those people who says things like, “I believe in God AND Jesus,” that’s okay. God will be there too. Like Jesus said to his disciple, Philip, when he asked Jesus to show them ‘the Father’ (God)  in John 14:8-10, “Don’t you know me, Philip, even after I have been among you such a long time? Anyone who has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me?”
His point was, if you know Jesus, you already know God. If you know God, you already know Jesus, whether you think you do or not. He died for you. And just before he died, one of the last things Jesus said (as he hung on the cross) to his Father in Heaven, about ALL the people who were responsible for his crucifixion, was this: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.” Luke: 23:34 I believe those words apply to every human being ever born regardless of when, where, or how they were born.
You arrived at my BLOG by clicking or typing in my blog address. It would be so nice if we could just click something like that, and it would LITERALLY take us PHYSICALLY to Church or the Mall or the Beach or the Mountains or Heaven. You CLICK GOD by praying, being kind to others, worshipping, sharing with those who have less, reading/studying the Bible to know more about Jesus and His Father in Heaven, and other stuff like that.

Anyway, Easter is coming. Who knows what might happen if you go to Church Sunday? The unpredictable way life is, it COULD be your last chance to go.


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Appointment with Karellen: Concerns about Exotheology

Text copyright © 2016 Robert B. Clemons III

NOTE: What follows is the “Introduction” of a book I am still writing on the subject of Exotheology. In the likely case that you are not familiar with this subject, it deals with the idea of theology from an extraterrestrial perspective. The first paragraph, after the following quote from an Arthur C. Clarke novel, will make it clear what question this subject explores. I anticipate completing the entire book by the end of May, 2017.


“The huge and silent shadows driving across the stars . . . were as far beyond his little ‘Columbus’ as it surpassed the log canoes of Paleolithic man . . . Reinhold watched, as all the world was watching, while the great ships descended in their overwhelming majesty—until at last he could hear the faint scream of their passage through the thin air of the stratosphere.”

Arthur C. Clarke, Childhood’s End, Ballantine Books, Inc. NY, 1953

In 1953, Arthur C. Clarke, one of the most visionary science fiction authors of the 20th century, wrote in his great novel, Childhood’s End1, of the inevitable first contact with humanity of an extraterrestrial civilization. While he did not employ the term exotheology, Clarke wrote of the impact it will have on the religions of humankind when alien beings from the stars come to visit in a public way.

How will it affect the many religions of Earth when beings from other star systems land here and begin to interact with human beings and with human civilization in a public forum? That is the primary question posed by exotheology.

We know, from human history, what the fate has been for the religions of indigenous peoples when advance human cultures have invaded their lands. Constantine insisted that all Romans become Christians, the European pioneers who came to the land whose name they changed to America changed its original inhabitants (who survived the slaughter) to Christians, and the slaves kidnapped/bought from Africa had their religions changed to Christian. The Muslims have been at least equally intolerant of the personal religions of the inhabitants of lands they have conquered over the centuries. Will advanced extraterrestrials be any more merciful than human beings are in this area?

Many other Science Fiction authors have speculated on this and various other issues related to extraterrestrial religion or lack thereof; however, little has been written from the religious or academic theological arena concerning the possible ramifications of such an interstellar conflict of theologies. Many theologians undoubtedly see this area as too speculative or too closely related to Science Fiction to share the great benefit of their creative, well-informed ideas. On the contrary, this is an area of present, serious concern to all philosophies and theologies. It is an idea whose time has certainly arrived. Science no longer doubts the likelihood that there are other intelligent civilizations spread across the Milky Way, not to mention all the other billions of galaxies throughout the universe.

C. S. Lewis was one of the rare Christian academicians who took an early interest and expressed his honest appraisal of the possibility or probability that there are other planets with other civilizations of intelligent beings, created by God. He speculated on the idea that perhaps Christ had been incarnated within those civilizations as well. He also considered the idea that God would present other worlds with other plans of atonement, and even that there may be worlds where the beings created in God’s image, never yielded to the temptation to “eat the forbidden fruit.” There are a handful of brave thinkers like Lewis spread all the way back to the early Church writers, but very little thought as been given to the subject.

Looking at this subject from another facet raises the idea that maybe those Christians who expect Jesus to come back soon are billions of years off in their timing. It may be that Earth really is as special to God’s Salvation Plan as humans have traditionally believed, but to an infinitely larger degree, and that humanity serves a special purpose in God’s creation that we never considered. Perhaps the Christ Event is something that started on Earth and is destined to spread throughout the rest of the universe in an evangelistic explosion that exceeds Billy Graham’s crusade numbers to an infinite degree. Along with that idea, it may be that a hands off rule, so far, is in effect throughout the Universe in regards to Earth. The idea would be that we are not ready yet, for First Contact. The command could have come down the chain from God proclaiming that Earth has a special role and purpose under God’s Salvation Plan in the Universe. Maybe that’s why the angels (extraterrestrial protectors?) were so excited and joyful in the New Testament Christmas story (Luke 2:8-15).

Most environmental experts agree that it is necessary for us to prepare today for the massive threats of climate change that, year by year, are coming upon us. Many people are now worried about an asteroid or comet or even a rogue planet, colliding with the Earth and impacting civilization in varieties of potential ways including extinction. The fact is, the thing that is most likely to happen, when one considers the vast number of star systems in our galaxy alone, is the eventual arrival of extraterrestrials, far more advance than us (they would have to be just to be able to make the journey), who come here on purpose to execute whatever agenda they have. The number of stars in our galaxy alone outnumbers, by billions of times, all the space objects that may collide with Earth.

It seems to me that we must prepare ourselves for the culture shock that will certainly wreak havoc on our civilization when aliens from the stars introduce themselves to our world. We hope they will come as benefactors, bringing technology that will solve our most dire problems. Perhaps they will provide a hitherto unknown solution to the aforementioned “climate change” issue. They will certainly bring their theology, philosophy, political agendas, and the ways they believe are best for getting things done. Will we be prepared to sustain this meeting of minds and souls, or will we be overwhelmed by lack of forethought about this event?

The idea of “first contact” from an extra terrestrial origin is no longer limited to fiction by thoughtful people. A large number of prominent scientists have, over the last 50 years, expressed increasing acceptance and curiosity related to this subject.2 Kip Thorne of Cal Tech (responding to the request of Carl Sagan of Cornell University) pursued research to determine advanced means by which civilizations from other star systems might travel to Earth by way of Worm Holes. Professor George Wald, Nobel Laureate and professor of biology at Harvard, wrote of his certainty that we live in an inhabited universe that has life all over it. Professor Richard Berendzen, prominent American physicist, former President of American University, and Director of NASA’s Space Grant Consortium for Washington, D.C. suggested that it is not a matter of if but of where. He stated that many of these civilizations are probably far more advanced than ours.3 The Voyager spacecraft seemed to have, as one of its major missions, to send out an invitation to anyone in the Milky Way Galaxy who may receive it, and desire to come calling on us. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) program has been searching the skies in earnest for decades, looking for invitations from whatever ET neighbors we may find out there.

Entertainment voices have stepped up their efforts as science has become more vocal on the subject. Creative artists in all media seem to be actively involved in preparing us for E.T. contact. Television series, documentaries, movies, books, and even advertisements are portraying ideas for how such contact may take place and what sorts of beings they may be. The blockbuster movies, “Independence Day,” “Alien,” and “Ender’s Game,” are several of the many versions that have the aliens coming to destroy us, “Predator” depicts them as sportsmen who love to hunt on Earth, E.T. portrays them as harmless researchers, “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” suggests that they will come here in order to determine whether we are suitable for inclusion in the interplanetary social network or too dangerous to continue living. Certain advertisements, such as Pepsi, whimsically suggest it will be our great tasting food and drink that brings them to our door. All of these sources seem to be cooperating in preparing us to accept this next step in humanity’s maturation process.

Also, over the last half-century, many theologians have finally broken free of an unrealistic view of the universe, based not so much on Holy Scriptures (which seem rather E.T. friendly if you read them looking for the clues), as an on the outright, conservative opposition to change of any kind. Walter Sullivan has written:

“After centuries of resistance, theologians in some of the major Christian denominations have begun to grapple with the religious implications of these discoveries—in particular the fact that not only are we not central in the scheme of things, but we may be inferior, physically, mentally, and spiritually, to more highly evolved beings elsewhere.”4

Why are some religious groups often “centuries behind” the rest of society in accepting the discoveries made by common sense applications of perception? Why are many believers so narrow minded and anti-change oriented? We should be leading the way in the mental and spiritual exploration if not the physical exploration of our corner of the Universe. How can physical discovery be nervously construed as a threat to faith, which is by its own nature, of spiritual substance and origin? It seems to reflect a great insecurity in the people of faith (at least some of them) when they are so narrowly opposed to progress in discovery of the natural laws of our world or of their own concept of God’s Creation. If God created it this way, with these observed laws of nature, why would people of faith hold back from embracing such God installed laws?

Science is now telling us the universe is about 13.5 billion years old.5 Earth, occupying one of the newer corners of the universe, is a mere 5 billion years old6. Humankind (including its evolutionary hominid steps) has existed on Earth for, perhaps, three to four million years7. We have been on Earth in our current form for the last forty thousand years or so. Humans did not have the ability to record their own affairs in writing until some point during the last ten thousand years. It was not until 1903 that we learned to fly, and it was 1969, when our flying machines first took us to another world (the moon).

Suppose there have been other civilizations on other planets bathed by the radiations of other stars since the first five billion years of the universe. Whereas the people of Earth are at our present stage of technology and intellectual development (on a five billion year old world), the beings of these hypothetical civilizations would be up to 8.5 billion years ahead of us. They would be incomprehensible to us. Our entire evolutionary development as humans only goes back a few million years. We would be of absolutely no interest to them (as a species). There is nothing intelligent any of us can say about them, because each one of them may as well be thought of as equal to our greatest ability to imagine what God is actually like. In other words, as it says in the Bible, our human thoughts are folly to God, because God is so far beyond us. Concerning beings that are billions of years ahead of us or merely thousands of years more advanced, we have no way to compare them to God. As with human children when they are considering all adults of every age, to us, those super advanced beings and God are all “old,” in the same category of obscure maturity to us, and beyond our ability to comprehend correctly.

One particular thing seems certain to me. Beings that are billions of years ahead of us will never make personal contact with us. As I said, we would not even be able to comprehend them. Beings who are many, many steps down the hierarchy from them will be the ones who actually visit us. They will be so advanced and so powerful that they will have means of transportation that will have brought them from many light years away, but they will be enough like us that we will be able to comprehend their presence and their intentions. They will be more like the advanced aliens depicted in our science fiction films, like Star Trek and Star Wars. Some may be friendly and benevolent, while others may be predatory and bent on our subjugation or destruction. Regardless of how far beyond us they are, that they are advanced enough to travel from another star system makes it certain that they will be advanced enough to overcome us.

One cannot help but wonder in awe, what such beings must be like in form, intellect, knowledge, and ability. To what stage would they have evolved? Perhaps they have become special guardians of young civilizations such as ours, serving a role far lower that the godlike beings envisioned above. They must, at least, be observers and students of anthropology if they take notice of our existence at all. While they may be the ones who come to shepherd a civilization like ours to the next stage of development, above them may be beings that are in charge of large sections of our galaxy. And above them may be beings that supervise whole galaxies, and others who are at the level of guiding each parallel universe in an infinitely larger multiverse. We may have perceived a being as Almighty God, because he is the one in charge of our universe, whereas, that being may be way down the ladder from the true God of all that is; the one who is over the infinite number of parallel universes that make up all of God’s inconceivably large Creation.

It’s possible that clues in all of our religions and mythologies that stretch back to prehistoric times, could provide us with a better understanding of the real hierarchy among planets, star systems, galaxies, and maybe even universes. When the Bible speaks of Yahweh, and the incredibly powerful angels he assigns to this or that task on Earth, it could be a hint of an interstellar chain of command. Michael, Gabriel, and other angels (known mainly in extra biblical literature, but referred to impersonally in the Judeo Christian Scriptures), may be responsible for much more than what we read about in the Christmas stories of Luke and Matthew, and in other places such as Daniel and Revelation. Revelation mentions a battle between Michael and his angels and Satan and his angels, which would fit right into any science fiction or fantasy scenario about extra terrestrial beings.

Keep in mind that the Bible indicates there are an untold number of angels whose individual names we’re never told (in the books of the Bible Canon). Just as an example, Jesus said at one point that he could call twelve legions of angels to come to his rescue with just a word. Elijah helped Elisha to see that the mountains surrounding them on their journey were covered with angels who were looking over them. In the Exodus story, one of the plagues against Egypt was that “the angel of death,” also called “the destroyer,” came upon the land and killed every first-born son.

What if angels are the same beings that UFO groups are talking about as extra terrestrials? What if angels are simply a more advanced species of beings, from somewhere else, that are assigned by the powers that be, to keep order on Earth? Along with that, the ancient mythological literature from Greece, Rome, Norway, and multiple other places out of humanity, are replete with the names of powerful beings who were labeled as gods, but may have been advanced beings from other planets, solar systems, or even other galaxies. They may have been the same beings that the Bible refers to as angels. We live in an incomprehensibly large Universe that is, in our current understanding, 13.5 billion years old. Modern physics speculates that there are perhaps an infinite number of similar universes making up what they call “The Multiverse.” How much is out there that we don’t know? The correct answer is so close to 100% that you may as well round it off to that.

If civilizations that have advanced millions or billions of years beyond ours have been observing us since our beginnings, what have they witnessed? What do they know about our origins, our development and our religions? Did they observe the Buddha in his meditations? Did they watch Moses receive the Law? Did they record the daily activities of Jesus of Nazareth as his ministry took him through crucifixion and as his followers lived through the days and years beyond that event? Did they record the Resurrection? Were these universal watchers viewing Mohammed as he received the Koran? Did one of them (Gabriel) dictate it to him as it states in that book? What did they actually see? What could they tell us about ourselves? Is our own record of our personal history accurate, or is it more myth than reality? Are these beings actually the ones who were the “supernatural” players in all of the above-mentioned significant, formative events from our history?

If there are interstellar civilizations that are billions of years old, and some prominent scientists admit the probability that there are, what will they reveal about humanity when they finally reveal themselves to us? What can they tell us about God? Which earthly gods will they absolutely expose as hoaxes or, at best, noble legends, or misunderstandings from observing advanced beings accomplishing necessary things in our infancy-level species? Surely all religions cannot be correct in every detail. Perhaps none are. Which ones will fall victim to the truth recorded on sophisticated technological equipment aimed at Earth thousands of years ago?

Theology considered from a viewpoint outside of this physical planet, that is, theology based on the presumed existence of other physical worlds inhabited by thinking, living creatures, is the relatively new field of study called exotheology. As the human race ventures more seriously into space through the use of telescopes, radios, and space ships, those of us whose minds dwell on spiritual and esthetic thoughts are compelled also to bring along our philosophies and theologies.

How will it affect our civilization if the first aliens to land publically confess Christ as the Lord of the Universe? On the other hand, what will it say to the Earth’s largest religious faith if Christ is not known to the beings of any other world, or if they know him as a Prince of the Ruler of this galaxy or this universe, which is only one of the infinite number of universes created by the Almighty God of all that is? Will that inspire an evangelical movement toward the stars or will it weaken the tenets of a great faith, or will it be communicated in such a way that we understand fully that Christ is still Christ and God is still God, but that the whole subject is far larger than we ever imagined imagining?

Those of us who sincerely believe in God and in a personal relationship with God must be prepared with open, inquiring minds when the ships from the stars arrive. True spiritual life/faith cannot be destroyed by new evidence, but grows in maturity and fullness as the truth continues to be fulfilled.

Visitors from other stars will undoubtedly bring evidence that will change our conceptions of the universe, of God, and of ourselves. We can no more prevent this next stage of human experience than we could have prevented the discovery of Earth’s physical position in space by Copernicus and Galileo. What Christian of the twenty-first century would be so foolish as to argue that the sun revolves around the Earth? Yet, when Galileo discovered concrete evidence that the Earth revolves around the sun, the Church authorities, in outrage, excommunicated him and had him imprisoned. He remained excommunicated by the Roman Catholic Church until the twentieth century, long after his death. The slow, but eventual acceptance of this new knowledge has not reduced our belief in God. On the contrary, as we realize the greater limits and deeper complexities of the Universe God has created, our respect for God increases, and our awe is more profound. Instead of attempting to suppress new knowledge when it is revealed, let us be prepared to grow in grace by faith through such revelations.

Human beings have apparently always believed in God or in gods of one kind or another. There is evidence of this from the most primitive societies in our history.8 Evidence of this kind does not prove the existence of the spiritual world nor of God. Likewise, humankind’s growing understanding of the natural laws that are behind the physical universe does not disprove the existence of a spiritual world and a Creator of all that is.

Brilliant human beings over the last couple of centuries have made heroic efforts to show that many of the Scriptural statements from the major, ancient religions are not logical, and, as far as reason can show, are not true.9 These efforts have not disproved the existence of God or the spiritual world. If anything, they have proved that God cannot be imprisoned by the faithful in lifeless pages of literature, nor analyzed away through the application of human logic employed by the faithless.

For the last two thousand years or so, quite sophisticated arguments and logical syllogisms have been rendered in defense of and in attack upon the concept of the existence of God. In all those years the ultimate proof has not evolved. It remains a matter of faith for those who believe and principle for those who do not.

The next major step in humankind’s search for God may be through exotheology. As we learn more about the beginning of the universe, and as we understand more about the origins of our species, we shall grow in our perceptions of God. But the next explosion in theological thinking will most likely be when those creatures from civilizations beyond our solar system first come to witness their concept of God to humanity.

Notes from the Introduction

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