Explorations into the Nature of Reality

        What is the nature or the fabric of reality? When we perceive the world that exists outside of our minds, are we accurately grasping the true reality of what is out there? An incredible amount of data is received from that outer world! It enters our inner selves through our five senses. It’s transformed into electrochemical signals and moves at a couple of hundred miles per hour up and down the corridors of our nervous system, and arrives in due time at the appropriate areas of our brains to be analyzed and interpreted.

              How do we know that our brains are getting it right? Are they also correctly interpreting external reality when a master illusionist causes us to think he has made an elephant disappear, or when we see a boat oar split into two sections as we dip it into the water, or when we see someone sling a sledge hammer in the distance but don’t hear the sound until seconds later?

               We depend on these quite limited and often faulty transducers we call senses to give us the straight and dirty of things, but who is getting it right: the person who has 20/20 vision or the color blind person or the person who is able to perceive distinct colors with each sound he hears? 

               It is a fact that our perception and interpretation of reality is often wrong. We say we have five senses and that we can depend on them to give us a clear picture of the outer world. But what if the outer world actually has six perceptible categories of things to perceive–or 10–or 100? How can we possibly know?

             I want to understand reality at the greatest depth possible. I believe comprehending it at a significant depth requires more than our physical perception of the outer world. It requires the inner workings of that mysterious and powerful entity we refer to as the human mind. 

            This website holds a collection of my explorations into the fabric of reality through fiction, non-fiction, poetry and photography. I don’t suppose I will ever have the complete and perfect answers to these questions, but I will have more complete answers than people who are simply taking everything for granted and depending on their five physical senses as though those senses were perfect and absolute. 

            If you are like me, and curious about this place in time and space we share, please join me, and we will search it out together. When people combine the powers of their minds, anything is possible. It seems to me that was one of the greatest discoveries of Socrates through his dialectical method.


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