When Do Things Become Real?

The real question is, “What is reality?” Were the tenets of General and Special Relativity real before they were proved real? Did the idea behind the formula E=mc(squared) represent reality before we proved that Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared? Were gravity waves real one hundred years ago when Einstein proposed their reality through the use of math and physics equations alone, or did they become real when 21st century scientists proved they were real (and reported their results recently) through ingenious experiments with technologies that were not even dreamed of in Einstein’s day? For that matter, did the electromagnetic spectrum exist as a real thing before Herschel, Ritter, Maxwell, Hertz, Roentgen, Villard, Rutherford, and others discovered the various wavelengths of light that exist along that spectrum? What things are mathematical realities that no one has yet proved?

The answer to all of those questions, and all similar questions is YESa thing does NOT have to exist in the material world in order to be classified as ‘REAL’. Thanks to Pythagorus, who was born more than 570 years before Jesus, we have known for around 2500 years that the formula, a squared plus b squared equals c squared, describes in pure math the reality of a right triangle. Socrates demonstrated that even an uneducated servant (named Meno, after whom Plato’s dialogue that tells this story is named), does not need to be educated to know the concept of the Pythagorean Theorem within his mind without actually knowing the formula itself.  Right triangles are real even if you are a being who lives in a world where no physical triangles exist. The same is true for squares, circles, and so forth. It is true (at least in this parallel universe) for all mathematical realities, such as pi, prime numbers, and the various equations the brightest souls of humanity have discovered, over the millennia, that describe REALITY.

I don’t understand why people, especially some hard core scientists, refer to any mathematical realities, as things that may not exist in the physical world. Wouldn’t it be more logical to say, that while a series of equations may seem esoteric or meaningless in a physical sense, perhaps we have simply not understood in what ways they represent reality in one way or the other in the physical universe. This mode of thinking is especially appropriate when we are cognizant of the truth that we are consistently finding realities, especially at the quantum level, that at least bear some resemblance to realities described in literature about the so-called supernatural world. Actually, that may be the problem for many scientists. These new realities sound too much like descriptions by spiritually minded people of spiritual things, e.g. you cannot perceive them with your physical senses, they do not follow the classic laws of physics, they do not fit into our common sense understanding of outer reality, and so on.

How did Moses know that the physical universe began in chaos and that the first step that marked the first second of time was an enormous explosion of light (refer to first paragraph in first chapter of Genesis), while science did not know this until over the last few decades (Wheeler, Hawking, et al)? How did Plato know (around 2300 years ago) that we live in a, for lack of a better word, holographic reality (see his “Allegory of the Cave” in The Republic of Plato)? Cutting edge physics has only accumulated enough data to ask whether this is true over the last decade. How did Jesus Christ (and other spiritually enlightened human beings) know thousands of years ago, that we live in an observer determined reality? Quantum Physics was not even born until the early 20th century, and only then, did science begin to say, “Maybe we live in an observer determined reality.” I have made these points in several articles and one book, but the reason I repeat them so often is that each new scientific finding in physics supports such realties.

Now, last week (the week beginning 7 Feb 2016), The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) announced the news and published a scholarly paper in the prestigious physics journal, Physical Review Letters, proving  that the gravitational waves predicted by Einstein’s theory one hundred years ago, are real! Do you get it? For 100 years, they were no more real (in the minds of many scientists) than squiggly figures on Einsteins paper, depicting mathematical conjecture. Most of the rest of humanity had never heard of gravity waves, just as most of them had never heard of (or paid attention to it if they had) the Pythagorean Theorem. Einstein’s equations said the waves were real, but since nobody had physical proof of them, they were not real. Here’s the thing: they are real and have been real ever since the Big Bang got things started. It is also true that right triangles are real and are mathematically described to perfection, and would be so, even if not one single right triangle were demonstrated in the physical world.

Plato described his belief in a realm of Forms that exists independently of the physical plane in which physical beings live. Forms are the real prototypes of the physical objects we perceive with our senses and interpret with our brains. Modern religious people may think of the realm of the Forms in a similar fashion to the way Jesus and his original followers described the eternal world of the Kingdom of God. If it helps, think of Pythagoras’ theorem as describing the Form, Right Triangle. The theorem describes the perfect Right Triangle (which does not exist, even in our modern world of high tech design).

If Pythagoras, Plato, Moses, Jesus, Leonardo, Tesla, Einstein, Bohr, Wheeler, Hawking, and a few hundred other very special human beings can know that some things are real without any physical evidence or the scientific method to support them, perhaps we can begin to have more confidence in all the dreams, of what may be and could be, by all the imaginative souls in this physical plane. Instead of treating most dreamers with disrespect and dismissal as compared to how we treat the documented producers, our world may become a better place in accordance with our improved attitudes toward listening to what the creative minds among us  are saying.

One last point here, is that Einstein’s Special and General theories of relativity stated mathematically that time travel is possible, to both past and future. Even though this has been proved in the realm of highly sophisticated, very technical laboratory conditions, most people do not realize it, and most scientists still reject it as reality. It is a fact, that those who do accept the mathematical and advanced physics evidence, are spending billions of dollars in available grants and private money pursuing the dream of creating a mechanism for traveling through time, or at least viewing past and future from machines in the present. If you are interested in that imaginative dream, you may read more about it in my book, The Hiroshima Agenda which can be sampled and/or purchased at www.amazon.com/dp/B00XXCVODO simply by clicking the website in this sentence and following two simple instructions. I explore there, many of the apparent realities of travel to past and future, and the nature of time itself. I hope you will buy it and read it, and share your thoughts about it.


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