Do You Believe in Free Will or Destiny?

What if the modern view of the universe, as described by many leading physicists, is accurate? They are reporting that modern data describe it as a “multiverse” of perhaps infinite numbers of parallel universes. Scientific results seem to show that you and I exist in a very large number of these universes. If that is TRUE, and each of our individual souls are spread across all of these copies of us in all of these universes, then when God brings the Creation to a close, our individual souls will have learned everything there is to learn. Each of us will have made every mistake, decision, turn, choice, success, and failure that can be made. We will have experienced every blessing and tragedy that can be received in life. When our souls enter God’s eternal realm possessing the learning, growth, maturity, and character of all those parallel lives, in all those copies of the universe, we will truly be ready for Heaven. We will understand everything there is to know about every other human being’s earthly life, because we will have lived all the possible circumstances of physical, earthly life through all the possible permutations of ourselves, in one copy of the universe or the other.

You may say “that’s not in the Bible,” and I will have to respond, “neither is microbiology, physics, astronomy, an explanation of the real causes of disease, why we shouldn’t eat certain foods (then later, under Jesus, why we now can), how Elijah, Elisha, Jesus, and at least some of his 12 chosen apostles could perform miracles but most other Jews and Christians cannot, how and why miracles work, that the stars in the sky are not lights but rather planets, stars, quasars, and other physical bodies, the periodic table or even of what elements the universe is composed and how they are put together, atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, leptons, quarks, prions, photons, and on and on and on.”

The fact is, nothing in the Bible explains the laws of physics, but if we believe God made the universe, then we believe God also placed the laws of physics in it so that gravity, electromagnetism, and the forces that govern subatomic particles work the way they do. Nothing in the Bible tells us whether there is a single copy of the universe or whether it is made of a few copies or trillions times trillions times trillions of copies. What more merciful, graceful, and loving process could God have built into the Creation in order to make all of God’s children love and understand each other in Heaven, than to create reality in such a way that we all learn everything there is to learn, both the ecstasies and the agonies of the physical life? This does not in any way remove the atonement of Jesus Christ from God’s formula. It is a dynamic for explaining how God may perfect us prior to taking up residence in our Heavenly homes. “Is anything too difficult for God?” (Genesis 18:14, these are the exact recorded words of God to 99 year old Abraham and 89 year old Sarah in response to Sarah asking “How can I have a baby at this age?”) Keep repeating God’s question to yourself when you find yourself asking Mary or Sarah’s question (of “how can this be?): God asks, “Is anything too difficult for me?” You know the answer if you believe that God is omnipotent.

Ancient people, including the ancient people who wrote the Bible, seemed to sense these other dimensions of reality. Enoch traveled from Earth into Heaven without dying. The story of Elijah’s last day on Earth did not sound like death, but a similar trip to the one Enoch took. There was never a funeral for Moses, and I know that some traditions teach that Moses also was “translated” from Earth to Heaven. If you believe Jesus’ Resurrection body is physical (he ate fish on the shore of the Sea of Galilee after his Resurrection), then he also made the trip from Earth to Heaven in the sight of his followers. Moses and Isaiah traveled from ‘somewhere else’ to the Mount of Transfiguration and had a conversation with Jesus. Whatever else you may think or believe about these stories, they certainly sound like examples of inter dimensional trips.

Moses seemed to understand the order of the evolution of the universe (from earth’s point of view), which he describes, not in scientific language, but quite in agreement with the order described by science. The Sumerians knew this information a thousand years before Moses recorded it in Genesis. Where did they obtain that knowledge that modern science has proved and accepted as correct in just the last fifty years? Our most ancient biblical characters describe beings with either supernatural or advanced scientific abilities such as angels, “fallen” angels, strangersvisitors, things/machines that do things not scientifically possible in that time such as described in Exodus, Ezekiel, Daniel, Revelation, and many of the other books of the Bible.  Were these supernatural things, or is this simply part of the way God designed heaven and earth?

We believe that God is All Powerful, All Knowing and All Present. We know that God knows everything that we don’t know. We know God created everything that exists. How can we say we believe these things and then place limits on anything God may have done in designing the creation? You may say, “But God did not describe parallel universes in the Bible.” I say, “Yes, and God also did not describe airplanes, rockets, microwave ovens, and all the other things that the people of history up until 200 years ago would have called magic or witchcraft; things like smart phones, TV, MRI machines, and the VERY new ability to actually break down the most basic building blocks of matter (as we understand it so far) in the massive Particle Accelerators such as the Large Hadron Collider at CERN in Switzerland. Just in the last year, researchers at CERN discovered the elusive Higgs boson, a particle that some physicists labeled “the God particle” because it is believed to be a fundamental building block of the universe.

The existence of the Higgs boson was predicted 50 years ago and it took humanity that many years and hundreds of billions of dollars to design and build the machine finally capable of finding it. The discovery of the Higgs Boson is considered one of the top scientific achievements of the last 50 years. Peter Higgs and Francois Englert won the Nobel Prize (for predicting it) after their prediction was proved this year. The average person probably thinks the most important achievement in the last half-century is the smart phone or the tablet computer.

Fifty years ago, the year was 1966. I was in the eleventh grade. Well to do people in our small town had color TV sets to watch the three channels that were available (from ABC, CBS, and NBC). Our TV, as was the case with most people, was black and white TV. We were fortunate enough to have a small antenna on our roof. Many people had to depend on “rabbit ears antenna). Nobody had a personal computer. They did not exist. Nobody had ever heard of the Internet. It did not exist.

Three years later (1969), when I spent a year in Vietnam, the only way I could have called my wife was through a combination of phones and Ham radio operators (a system called MARS). A lot was thought to be totally impossible, mere fantasies of minds like mine. But now, today, go to Best Buy or any other big electronics retailer and you will see thousands of items that were pure science fiction 50 years (and less) ago. Many of the things available at retail today were not available 5 years ago. And just to go back and beat that dead horse some more, none of these things or the technology and scientific knowledge that enable us to build them was described in the Bible. God did not put stuff in the Bible that would have made absolutely no sense to people from 1900 all the way back to Adam and Eve.

I just want to cover one final idea for those who are still reading. We did not know about the quantum universe 100 years ago when people like Niels Bohr began theorizing about it. We had no machines that provided laboratory proof of his major quantum theories until 1932 with the first useful particle accelerator invented by Ernest O. Lawrence. In 1967, when I graduated from high school, we were still being taught that the atom is composed of the smallest particles in the world, which the books at that time said were protons, neutrons, and electrons. Today we know that protons and neutrons are composed of many smaller particles, the Higgs boson being the most recent. We also know that there is a quantum universe where these particles operate. The laws we live in at our scale of life are totally different from the laws of the quantum universe, yet we are composed of those particles as well since they are the substratum of the larger universe in which we live. So our bodies, and everything else in the macro world are operating by both sets of laws at each level of reality. These new understandings are how scientists began to conceptualize that there may be a parallel universe for every conceivable choice, including the choice of a coin toss resulting in heads or tails–every coin toss. It boggles the mind, but that is no proof against it.

Quantum Mechanics (or Quantum Physics) is the most successful theory ever thought up by the mind of human beings. The year I graduated high school (1967) was the first year that any households had a counter top Microwave Oven. The technology was first invented in 1946, based on what some soldiers had learned about RADAR (the fact that it literally cooked the unfortunate people who were too close to their emissions). Microwave ovens are mundane proof of the theory of Quantum Physics. Other technologies we depend on in our society, from radio to smart phones are other examples the theory is true. When each of those things was suggested as a new product, people were amazed. “How can this be?” they would ask. “This cannot be,” they would say. Some of our oldest, least educated people still question that the moon landing was anything more than a hoax. They feel that human beings’ landing on the moon somehow is against the Bible’s explanation of things. I have studied the Bible in English and it’s original languages for 40 years, and I cannot for the life of me understand their argument against landing on the moon. However, I believe it is from the same ignorance and fear of the unknown as the current lack of acceptance of a parallel universes explanation of the structure of the universe (multiverse).

People that believe that if these things are not in the Bible, they cannot be true will never have their minds changed. But I will say one last time here that God did not talk in 21st century language to the people of 4,000 BC, and not to the people of A.D. 40 through the conclusion of the formation of the New Testament. Jesus said, “I have so much more to tell you, but you cannot bear it now,” and told them to count on the Holy Spirit for updates. The Holy Spirit leads believers in every age to change things that no longer apply or that have been updated due to our continuous growth as we continue to, “take dominion over the world” God has given us.

The same God who created the universe that our spiritual forefathers and mothers understood in their less sophisticated way, also created our brains with all their amazing capabilities. God gave us these intellectual capacities to use them productively, not to hide them, bog them down with fundamentalism as though we still lived in a world that relied on horse or camel or buggy to get from here to there, or to ignore them. We are to attribute every amazing physical law and understanding we discover to God’s Creation, and use every new understanding to explore that Creation more fully. If that grows into an age of interstellar travel, teleportation, time travel, and even inter-dimensional travel, so be it. It must be God’s will, or God would not have created the universe in this way.

If you find my words, thoughts and speculations stimulating or entertaining, please click and read my book, The Hiroshima Agenda. I discuss subjects like these interwoven in the fictional plot of my novel.


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