Our Older Siblings in the Universe

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Given the size of the Universe, it seems self-evident that billions of planets must be populated by advanced civilizations. It also seems likely that many of these are at a level that permits them to reach out to help the civilizations of other worlds to develop to their highest potential. Since I personally believe that God is supreme throughout the Creation God has made, I expect these super advanced societies to be more spiritually in tune with the Creator than we are at our still violent and warring stage of development. I anticipate that they have been and will be utilized in God’s will to develop human beings to a superior level of existence. Some readers will not be convinced of any spiritual foundations of the Universe yet, they may at least admit that a Galactic Civilization that matures to a benevolent standard of outreach, regarding less advanced civilizations, would seem to be most likely to survive and continue to its highest potential. A Universe managed by helpful older-sibling type civilizations seems like a more logical success story than a Universe teeming with violent, abusive, plundering marauders.

I see no reason to doubt that there are beings in the Universe who have matured spiritually to the point that they are in more direct communication with God. The sacred scriptures of most religions include many references to such spiritually advanced beings. They are creatures that make comic book super heroes’ fictional powers seem puny.

Take the angels for instance. They are described in the Scriptures of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and Islam. Certain of the individual angels are found by name in three of these. One named Gabriel dictated the Koran to Mohammed, revealed prophecies to Daniel in the Scriptures of Judaism, and announced and celebrated the news of the coming of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of Christianity. It does not take a great leap of imagination to wonder if the angel Gabriel is a being from another star system or dimension of reality that is serving under the authority of God.

The late Carl Sagan gave an illustration in The Cosmic Connection that had a great impact on me. It goes something like this. If some primitive tribesman in one of the jungles of Earth were to be inclined to imagine a society more advanced than his own with a more advanced form of communication, he might guess that they had much bigger and louder drums to beat out their messages. No matter how long he pondered, he would not ever conceive of radios, TVs or telephones. Yet, that same tribesman’s body is probably surrounded with radio waves from civilizations hundreds or thousands of miles away. Dr. Sagan uses this to point out that our extraterrestrial neighbors who live in other star systems any where from 4.5 light years away (Alpha Centauri System) to those thousands or millions of light years from us, may be sending us lots of communications that we cannot receive on our drums (radio telescopes), and we cannot begin to conceive the science that creates their means of communications. They are most likely smart enough to know we use a more primitive signal, but are not interested in involving themselves with planetary civilizations that have little to contribute in terms of exchange of helpful technology. Therefore, their search may be oriented only toward peers of equal stature.

The same can be said for those people who do not believe we will ever be able to travel to other star systems, because of the limitations we know—for instance the limitation that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. At light speed, the closest star system to us would take at least 4.5 years (as time is measured in the starship at that speed) there and the same time to get back to Earth. And it is impossible or very unlikely, they say, that we will discover a way to travel that fast. And, they say, anyone who would travel that fast for 9 years, would return to an Earth where far more time as passed (due to Einstein’s time dilation formula that has already been proved under strict, modern experimental conditions), where everyone they ever knew or knew them would be long gone. They would return to Earth in a time so advanced beyond them that no knowledge they brought back would be of much use, and they themselves would be useless, anachronistic artifacts from the past.

The problem with such thinking (as with the thinking of Sagan’s primitive tribesmen) is that it precludes the obvious likelihood that we will solve all limitations as we advance in knowledge and ability. There are already scientists that are theorizing about how to bend or warp time and space, how to create worm hole shortcuts through the galaxy, and how we might discover ways to teleport our selves and even our ships safely through space including through shortcuts we may discover over the centuries and millennia ahead of us. For all we know in our childhood civilization, beings who are thousands of years ahead of us are able to travel at the speed of thought, any distance they choose to travel, utilizing the strange laws of Quantum Physics, that we are barely beginning to understand after a hundred years of trying.

I cannot imagine how one would travel who is thousands, millions or billions of years ahead of Twenty-First Century humanity. But I can imagine creatures who have learned how to transcend time and space. I can conceive of beings that merely will to change their physical location from this planet in that galaxy to that planet in this galaxy, because they have learned to manipulate quantum phenomena to that degree. Multiply the advances in the last fifty years on Earth by thousands, millions, and billions of years, and you will probably agree with this writer.

It just so happens that this is the type of travel we read about in the Bible and other sacred scriptures of other religions, by not only angels, but by humans who are given an assist by these beings. And no matter what the reader thinks of religion and religious scriptures, they are our oldest written records of the thoughts and experiences of ancient humanity. For that reason, and given some of the stories that can easily be understood as provided by advanced technology and beings rather than magic, they are worth investigating in a search for evidence of extraterrestrial help provided to early mankind.

In ancient Scriptures, angels almost always appear out of thin air or they travel by flight. Gabriel was seen flying as he approached Daniel, and Revelation speaks of angels flying and appearing out of nowhere. Angels appear in the Gospel stories of Jesus birth and throughout the New Testament. Both Testaments of the Bible describe angels as creatures of immense power. One of these beings is able to conquer an entire army of Israel’s enemies. An angel shut the mouths of lions in the lions den story about Daniel. An angel protected Daniel’s friends from a roaring fire that was so hot it killed several of the king’s men standing outside of the pit. Throughout the Bible, angels are depicted in this way. If we observed this behavior from beings on Earth in modern times, we would not think they were spiritual creatures. We would believe they were highly advanced extraterrestrials. We assume the ancient writers were making these stories up in every culture, all around the planet. What if they were simply reporting what they observed?

These beings have appeared in the ancient literature of Egypt, Persia, Greece, China, India, and on all the continents of Earth. They are always imbued with greater power, greater knowledge, and a closer relationship with God than human beings have. There are parallels in the stories that convince some of us of their common origin, or that they are based on similar types of technology and the beings that employ it.

In addition to agreeing upon their physical descriptions, various traditions of human cultures agree on another facet of the angelic beings. In almost all cases, they are helpful to human beings, especially those humans who are pursuing a positive path for humanity and attempting a deeper relationship with God. Psalm 91, in the Old Testament is typical of ancient literature when its writer says, “He has charged his angels to guard you (the righteous) wherever you go, to lift you on their hands for fear you should strike your foot against a stone.” This verse, that is around three thousand years old, points out what experience carried in legend and myth has taught. The angels are sympathetic to the cause of morally upright people who aspire to live close to the God of the Universe.

Sodom and Gomorrah, two cities that were filled with people who had no love for anyone and who acted with malice, violence and horrific actions toward anyone who sought to enter their city uninvited, was destroyed by power from above while angels rescued the only righteous people there, who happened to be outsiders. While Lot and his family owned houses there, it was probably because Lot was wealthy and provided some benefit of added resources to the city. Once he was foolish enough to help and protect the two men who came into town with nothing more than the clothes on their backs, the men of the town, ALL of them, ganged up on him and were going to abuse him and his guests.

It is only logical that if the ETs are advanced spiritually, and if they are working directly for God (so to speak), they are interested in promoting and preserving human societies that are most spiritual and moral in their affairs. Even in our extremely liberal society of today, people value the concept of morality. All of us, with the exception of a sociopathic minority, cringe when we experience persons who glorify violence, greed, lying, stealing, cheating, promiscuous sexuality, and other examples of vile and harmful lifestyles. Even so, most of us are sympathetic with and forgiving to those who fall victim to temptations when we know they are aiming for a more moral lifestyle. We understand that every human being has a certain amount of susceptibility to yield to temptations to engage in immoral activities. We respect people who are trying to live above their temptations, and who are seeking help and a genuine relationship with God as they attempt to overcome their “lower nature.”

Our heroes, even those with suspicious physical longings, are those who, in general, live by a superior code of ethics and conduct. Good guys may shoot bad guys, but never in the back. Good guys don’t immerse themselves in the dark side, even though they may have human failings that occasionally get the better of them. Did we come to value these ethical ways by some accident of evolution, or were we molded in this fashion by all the super beings (angels) described as God’s servants in our ancient literature.

It doesn’t seem likely that order can come from chaos without a Plan and Someone with the power to accomplish the Plan. Likewise, it seems logical that the natural laws that simply evolved in a Godless universe would give supremacy to the beings who were the meanest, strongest, most self-serving, and least caring of others, rather than to those who exhibited an affection for their fellow beings and a tendency toward moral living. Therefore, this writer finds it an inescapable conclusion that God has given us guides from a morally and spiritually superior civilization in God’s Universal Kingdom, and these guides have been responsible for leading us toward true progress and closeness to God.

If you are interested in reading more on this topic, tune into this blog at least once a week, and be on the lookout this summer for the digital publication of my upcoming book, Appointment with Karellen: Issues in Exotheology. You should find it on Amazon.com by July 2016.


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