Let’s Build A Wall Around Earth and Make E.T. Pay for It

Are you aware that since 1992, over 2,000 exoplanets (planets outside of our solar system) have been discovered (2,108 planets in 1,350 planetary systems including 511 planetary systems as of April 20, 2016)? The closest is around ten light years from Earth. That number is expected to increase dramatically as we continue our search.

In 2013, a major study based on results from the Kepler spacecraft estimated that our galaxy (The Milky Way) has at least 100 million and up to 400 million planets. They believe that as many as 67 million of these planets are probably the same size as Earth. That’s just our galaxy. There are billions of other galaxies in the observable universe. And, according to quantum physicists, there may be an infinite number of universes.

It is not silly, a waste of time, too imaginative, crazy, or other descriptions diminishing this real issue, to prepare for the eventuality that we will be visited by civilizations far in advance of ourselves at some point as we advance. If you believe that God created all that is, then give credit to God for more creativity and imagination than our 3 pound brains can muster. If God created a universe this big, God must have placed an incredible multitude of intelligent life forms throughout the creation. If you don’t believe God created all this, then believe that the same evolution that led to our development has more than likely been doing the same thing all over the universe for the last 12 billion years or so.

People who are believers in the Scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, or Islam (around 4 Billion of the current 7 Billion humans alive today) know of at least two intelligent species created by God according to those Scriptures: humans and angels. And of the angels, the Bible describes several different species, races, or at least types, and there are probably many others due to the multiple ways angels are employed by God.

Cherubim are angels who are described with more than one face {2 faces in Ezek 41:18, 4 faces in Ezek 10:21}, and also have wings, feet, and hands. They are depicted guarding sacred things such as the tree of life {Gen 3:24}, and the Ark of the Covenant {I Samuel 4:4}.

Seraphim means “fiery ones.” They have six wings (3 sets of two) according to Isaiah 6:2). They praise and attend to God (Isaiah 6:3)

Archangels seem to be at the top of the pecking order. The two who are named in the Old and New Testament are Gabriel (among other things a Messenger angel, as in Dan 8:15-26 & 9:21-27, Luke 1:11-20 & 26-38) and Michael (among other things a Warrior angel as in (Rev 12:7 Dan 10:13, 21, & 12:1). Lucifer (if that is actually a name rather than just a description of an Archangel, meaning light bearer) is a “fallen” Archangel who may be identical with (or became) Satan or “the devil” (see Isaiah 14:12-14). There are other Archangels named in extra biblical literature, and thousands of other angels are known by name in other ancient documents and religions.

A very special role held by a certain archangel (or perhaps more than one) is “The Angel of the Lord.” When the Bible refers to this creature, he/she/it seems to bring the voice/presence/Word of God in as direct a sense as possible without it actually being Almighty God. To me, the best metaphor would be that this angel is something like a holographic projection of God. The Bible indicates in certain places that no mere human being can survive actually being face to face with God. The holiness is too powerful for us to bear. Perhaps that is why the intermediary of “The Angel of the Lord” is employed by God in those cases.

Romans 8:38, Ephesians 1:21, Colossians 1:16, and I Peter 3:22 suggest that there is a hierarchy of angels, including some who hold titles such as principalities, authorities, and powers. They are all, very powerful creatures that could easily convince any mortal being they were gods themselves if they chose to do so. They hold great respect (and wise fear) for the power of the angels above them on the hierarchy as is reflected in Jude 9, “But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, ‘The Lord rebuke you!'”

It may be, that the angels described in these ancient Scriptures are, in fact, extraterrestrials that work in closer contact with, and clearer sensory awareness of God and the other invisible beings, structures and places depicted in these texts, and that neither they nor God bothered to explain that relationship to the pre-literate and barely historical people about which the Bible writes. If that were so, then we already have some idea of what sorts of creatures may eventually make “first contact” with us from somewhere out there.

Oh, and I was just kidding about building a wall around the planet. God must have already done that or we would have long ago been taken over by an E.T. named Satan. Wait, Satan didn’t already take over the world, right? It may seem like it, but read John 12:27-32. Read verse 31 over and over until you hear it, and  then, after that, read verse 32 till you hear that as well, especially the last phrase.


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